Am I Already Investing My Money..

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Dare you to ask yourself " Am I already investing my money?". Some believes they already did it by saying that they saved their in bank, bought gold and had mutual fund allocation. For those of you who have the same investment I'm not judging you wrong for doing that, but if you ask me whether you are going to get rich by doing that I clearly state "Sorry You're Not Going to be rich".

invest wisely
saves to build asset
So why some experts suggest us doing those three kinds of investment? . Well you should see that in a whole perspective and this is my perspective of the whole idea. 

Gold and mutual fund are used as the financial planning instead of savings. Other kind of financial planning instead of savings could be other investment that mostly you would consume the whole of it after some years.

As the main invesment that you invest wisely is active asset. What is active asset? I think all of you were already famous with that words as Robert T Kiyosaki reclaimed the words as the major effect of achieving financial freedom. I could'nt agree more with Kiyosaki, active asset could deliver you regular income in years and raise your total capital modal as you put your investment on the right asset.

As you're neither Ivanka Trump nor Paris Hilton that were born with active asset already on their hand, you should save your money first to build the active asset. That is why you need to save that in gold or mutual fund  first that within some years you should start your goal to build your own assets.

So financial planning instead of savings are used as the ladder to reach the active asset, for example your goals is in property which is to have an  apartment of $750 Singapore dollar in Singapore, then you should start at least by seeking the down payment first maybe it that 3-4 years for you to disciplined yourself by continuously save your money to gold or mutual fund. Let's remember goal and discipline are the most important thing in investing.

Another way you could directly invest in stock, derivatives or discretionary fund as those investment could be start with less money. Warren Buffet did it huh.... As the most popular investment is investing on stocks, you could directly start by opening an account on securities firm. The choice are many as you could be trader or investor. if you choose to be a trader you should invest a lot of time to analyze information before you start to trade stocks. In case you prefer in the role as the investor you could do the stock pick and trade just one times to re balancing the portfolio.

Finally how long can you start your active asset from now?, it's up to you and your creation. Once again investing money wisely need goals and discipline. You must own active asset!!!

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