Where To Invest Money??

Diposkan oleh Poolo-nez | 6:52 AM

Before you ask yourself where to invest your money. You should define your goal first in investing money. Everyone has a different goal for the money they invest. But the most goal set up is to gain more capital. To make it easy to set up your goal, here are the 2 (two) major goals for investing money from my point of opinion.

1. To secure your capital (money) from depreciation;
2. To gain more capital

The goals will meet three categories of investment time, which are;
a. Short term (<1 year)
b. Middle term (3 - 5 years)
c. Long term (>5 years)

The combination goals and the investment time category you choose should reflect where you should invest your money later on.

I'll give you the combination and the place to invest in the next post.....


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