Savings : Good For Habit But Not For Future Investment

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Is there Anyone who has never heard the word “Savings is Future Investments”. From childhood to adulthood the word savings is always around us.

Any wise person would suggest that we have a habit of this one, save for a secure and profitable investment, set aside a small amount of money  on a regular basis.

Save a little money is good. Especially if it is done for children’s need , children's education, up to securing  the things that are not expected. We were advised to have cash to finance our life for half to one year.
But if you look deeper, the habit of saving could be something bad, at least when viewed from the perspective of your future investment. Why is that? Purpose for which you deposit your savings... Your goal to "consume" is very different from your goal to save for "investment".

Examples of purpose saving to "consume" is that you are saving to buy a new TV, new cars, vacation packages, mobile phones with latest features and so on. Your money will just disappear.
The question now is, what if you save is not to "consume"? But for future investment risk as small as bank interest, deposits, checks and so forth?

That's also not a smart  strategy of investment in the future. Why do it? Because banks lend money that you saves with a 19% interest to its creditors, and pay you less than 5%. After all, if you are a Moslems, you are forbidden to take interest from lending money.

And you should know, the currency system we use today are based on value, not based on gold. One effect is the value of our currency is determined by many least amount of money circulating in the community, and always tends to fall.

History proves that from year to year there is always cutting the value of the currency. You do not believe it? Look, let's say you have money $1. When you are still sitting in elementary school, with that money you can buy one bottle of soft drink "famous brand". As for now, the price of soft drinks "famous brand" ranges between $2,0 to $2,5.

If you are used to save money and save money in the bank until now, how much the value of your money now? Compare if 10 years ago you bought future investments such as gold or a piece of land. Learn from the mistakes of the past.

However, future investment is an option. If you do not want to learn to invest because it is too risky, then the saving is a better choice than the investment in the future.

You do not need much to think, just keep your money in a safe place. But if you want a profitable future investments that require little time to think, immediately learn how to invest as well as its investment strategy.
Then find the business investment that you like and start investing. Do not do what people fail to do, ... changed his mind after taking a decision and waited for things to run perfectly

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