Investing Your Money Wisely on PTC

Diposkan oleh Poolo-nez | 2:24 AM

Have you ever invested the balance in your PayPal or Alertpay to a PTC site?
Before you answer that question, for those of you who already have ... "Do you ever feel lost?", And to which has never been "Have you feeling confident with your investment?"

YES! All that needs to be done with the planning and calculation and goal setting. If you just want to try-try, it's better just give your money to me ... . No..No.. it's joking, .

Ok, now I want to share my experience and knowledge about tips on how to wisely invest your balance in a PTC. . .

1.    Watch carefully the Alexa ranking of these PTC sites, although this way its not an absolute certainty, but already 20% to help you to predict the bagusan PTC sites. You can install the Alexa toolbar or go directly to the site and copy paste the name of the PTC sites you want to invest.
2.       Secondly, you notice the ads that is in your account. Note ARE THE ADVERTISING OFTEN CHANGE? or not. The basis of its assessment, when their ads are often changed, it was a sign the site PTC is in much demand, and flow of funds will not be jammed.
3.       In Valuebux that I was a bit hesitant, because it was days or even months, Its  ads not changing .. I think a lot of advertisers are not interested.
Before you invest your balance in PTC,should you compare between a PTC and PTC  with others in performance bux for example, offered a very cheap package. Only $ 2 (it was bought traffic and referrals).
A few tips fthat maybe usefulfor those of you who maniac in PTC, and for those who want to buy traffic or just upgrade your account.

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